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Jessica Simpson didn’t lose all the 35 pounds of baby fat by following her Weight Watcher’s diet only; she also walked on her treadmill while watching TV. According to friends, that’s just about all it took to have Simpson almost at her wedding date goal weight

Jessica Simpson was able to get her enormous baby weight gain off this time easy, by making exercise into something that doesn’t always feel like work.

One friend of the fashion mogul told Us Weekly that once she made it easier on herself, she excelled at burning calories:

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“She and Eric take walks together every day and just talk…She use to think she had to work out seven days in the gym. Now she sees activity doesn’t have to be tough to be impactful.”

But it’s not all free light strolls that has Jessica walking around the house in her iconic short shorts again, admits the friend in Us Weekly:

“[Jessica] strength trains two or three days a week…She sets small goals to stay motivated and the pounds came off little by little.

“She’s amazed that by sticking with a regular diet, she can look this good.”

Though she is looking better than she has in the last half decade, Simpson is putting off the wedding to Eric until she can fit into a dress with the perfect measurements.

The friend told Us Weekly that she wants to make sure there aren’t going to have to be any alterations:

“She wants to wait until she’s at her goal weight completely.”

Jessica better hurry and get married quick before another pregnancy wrecks fertile Myrtle’s body again.

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  • All Access Photo / Splash News

    Justin Theroux heads to the gym in West Hollywood on Monday before heading to Jennifer Aniston’s home.

    Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have reunited in Los Angeles.

    The engaged pair have recently sparked speculation that there may be trouble in paradise after spending a significant time apart, however, Theroux was seen back in Tinseltown and heading to see his fiancée Monday.


    The 42-year-old actor, who was in New York the last few weeks filming HBO’s “The Leftovers,” was photographed leaving the gym and riding off on his motorcycle to Aniston’s home.

    The former “Friends” starlet celebrated her 45th birthday in mid-February without her beau by her side while he partied with pal Orlando Bloom in the Big Apple.


    Aniston was also noticeably absent from attending actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral with Theroux on Feb. 7.

    Despite the chatter that their nuptials may be on hold, a source confirmed to E! News the pair are still very much together.


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  • Justin is planning to celebrate his 20th birthday with his closest friends, but his ex Selena will not be one of them! The Biebs is still upset that the ‘Come & Get It’ singer dissed him by hooking up with Niall Horan, and now it’s payback time, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

    Justin Bieber will be another year older on March 1, but apparently no more mature! The Biebs has gone out of his way to let Selena Gomez know that she is not welcome at his extravagant birthday party. Instead, the birthday boy plans on getting plenty of attention from all of the “hot chicks” he’s inviting to his big bash, an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

    Selena Gomez At Justin Bieber’s Birthday Party? – Ex Not Invited To Biebs Bash

    Justin has been romantically linked to so many different girls in the last few months that it’s hard to believe he would be so upset about Selena’s recent hook-up with One Direction singer Niall Horan. But apparently Justin is so furious about Selena and Niall’s sexy date that he’s not even inviting her to his birthday party – ouch!

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    “Justin is planning a huge party for his 20th birthday and he has not invited Selena. He does not want her there after she dissed him by hooking up with Niall, which was not cool according to Justin,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

    Poor Selena must be so upset!

    Justin Bieber’s Birthday Party: Will Chantel Jeffries Get An Invite?

    We can’t help but wonder if Justin also left Selena off the guest list because he wanted to invite one of his latest flings, Jordan Ozuna or Chantel Jeffries.

    “There will be plenty of hot chicks there, and let’s just say lots of party favors,” the source reveals. “It’s going to be off the hook.”

    We can’t wait to hear more! What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers – should Justin invite Selena to his party? Would YOU be upset if you didn’t get invited to an ex’s birthday party? Let us know!

    - Reporting by Sandra Clark More Justin Bieber News:

    Justin Bieber: Truth Behind Protests By Neighbors Near His Atlanta Home
    Selena Gomez: 6 Reasons She Should Dump Justin Bieber For Niall Horan
    Justin Bieber ‘Working To Get Better’ – Is He Preparing For A Comeback?


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  • Beyonce, Mrs Carter Show World Tour, review

    Feb 24, 2014 Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized

    The first time the former Destiny’s Child played in Scotland was eleven years ago in a shopping mall come concert hall near Glasgow Airport, and her pouting, serious-faced procession of ballads flattered to deceive.

    By contrast this near two-hour epic is a ferocious distillation of musical styles old and new and a stunning declaration of intent that Knowles intends to be recognised as the defining pop artist of her era. It was, at the very least, one of the hardest working shows likely to be witnessed on a stage this year, and with barely a drop of minutely-choreographed sweat to be seen.

    From the first minute something unique is promised, with a procession of dancers emerging from the stage for an extended and elaborately balletic routine before a giant LED screen, the tone mysterious and teasing as the screen eventually raises to reveal Knowles floating on slowly in a neck-to-toe ballgown.

    The music is something else, a blend of her familiar deep-lunged torch singing with a thundering bass containing a heavy dubstep influence amidst the opening Haunted, segueing through an unearthly, Invasion of the Body Snatchers screech into Drunk in Love.

    “Y’all gonna sing along with me, right?” she commands, legs akimbo on a chair in a sequinned catsuit, lost in a kaleidoscope of lights on the screens behind her.

    The darker electro influence of this winter’s latest, eponymous album is embraced fully in the early stages of the show, from the reappropriation of If I Were a Boy – bass crackling like thunder, the strings and some lyrics of the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony blended in, and a chugging guitar riff buried somewhere in the mix – to the raw tumult of Bow Down, prefaced by a big-budget, grand guignol film clip portraying Knowles as a vampire queen in white face paint.

    Flawless was an exercise in sheer sass and retro Bronx street chic accessorised with leather shorts, braziers burning onstage as her crew danced and she spat out that commanding “I woke up like this” chorus line, an “I am what I am” for the 2010s.

    Pages could be written outside the bounds of reportage about her decision to use Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED speech on feminism (beginning “we teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller…” and spelled out here in rousing, ten foot tall words) and of where her own work and image fits the sentiment of such a statement, but there’s no question Knowles is a model of power and control throughout, even when her muse extends to writhing atop a grand piano or grinding through the disco-soaked majesty of Blow.

    The call and response demands for more love from her crowd during Why Don’t You Love Me were particularly mesmerising in their assurance, although perhaps the most telling story of Knowles’ confidence in her music and performance came with shortened versions of the formation-dancing Crazy in Love and Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) which once blew away Glastonbury and a watching nation.

    In her career as with her live show, she keeps on moving on and you can’t take your eyes or ears off her.


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  • Courtesy of Beyonce Tumblr

    With makeup or without, Beyoncé kills it both ways! She looked absolutely gorgeous at the BRIT Awards on Feb. 20 – glammed up from head to toe. However, she can also rock a natural bare face and we LOVE that about her! Click to read more.

    32-year-old singer Beyoncé Knowles blinded us with her super glamorous outfit and makeup at the BRIT Awards in London on Feb. 20. Dressed up or even dressed down – it doesn’t matter, she always looks amazing!

    Beyoncé Without Makeup – Bare Faced Before BRIT Awards

    We all know that Beyoncé killed it at the BRIT Awards on Feb. 20 where she performed her song “XO” for the first time! She looked amazing with her sparkling green gown designed by Vrettos Vrettakos – it seems like that gorgeous dress was the inspiration for her makeup that day.

    Highlights From the 2014 Brit Awards

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    The shimmery-green smokey eye really captured the super glammed up dress she had on. They complemented each other so well!

    She must have loved it as well because she uploaded tons of Instagram pictures of her look after the awards show. We definitely understand because she looked so glamorous- who wouldn’t be obsessed with that glittery look?

    Beyoncé’s Bare Face

    Although it’s fun to get all dressed up to go to a party or, in Beyoncé’s case, an award show, it’s nice to just chill out and relax without any make-up on.

    Every girl needs those days – even Beyoncé!

    HollywoodLifers, do you love how Beyoncé’s able to show off not only her super glam look, but also her bare face? Comment down below.

    - Isabella Kim More Beyoncé Knowles Beauty News:

    Beyonce Without Makeup – See The Bare-Faced Beauty
    Beyonce’s BRIT Awards Makeup: Stunning During Performance
    Beyonce’s Two Stunning Looks At 2014 Grammys – Vote On Your Fave


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  • Feb 20, 2014 Author: admin | Filed under: Uncategorized

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  • George Clooney, who directed, acted in, produced and co-wrote ‘The Monuments Men’ was joined by his star-studded cast for the film’s premiere in London.

    Based on actual events, the film tells the story of an army platoon made up of specially recruited museum directors, curators, and art historians on a mission to rescue valuable artwork stolen by the Nazis during World War Two.

    “Listen, it’s a little obnoxious when you’re directing yourself but there’s not much you can do about it. I was going to be in it. It’s mostly embarrassing because when you’re directing yourself with another actor it’s kind of like…”

    And we’ll never know what it is like because at that moment a fan in crowd outside the premiere shouts to him: “I like your scarf”.

    Living up to his image as a gentleman Clooney responds: “You like the scarf? I’ll get you one.”

    At the London showing of the film his co-stars had nothing but praise for Clooney’s work as a director:

    “He’s very well prepared, he does his homework, he’s very organised, he knows his equipment, he knows exactly what he wants and he can also change at a moment’s notice. He’s just very well prepared,” said John Goodman.

    Already out in the US, the film got a mixed reception at the Berlin Film Festival, with some critics calling it disappointing despite its star-rich cast, which includes Matt Damon, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett and Jean Dujardin.

    ‘The Monuments Men’ will hit European cinemas in the coming months.

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  • Halle Berry hits the red carpet at the closing night of the 2014 Acapulco Film Festival on Wednesday evening (January 29) in Acapulco, Mexico.

    The 47-year-old actress received the Silver Jaguar Award from the festival, the highest honor awarded by the Festival Internacional de Cine Acapulco.

    It was just announced that ER veteran Goran Visnjic has signed on to play Halle’s husband in the upcoming CBS summer series Extant!

    Goran’s character “John Watts is married to Berry’s Molly, an astronaut trying to settle back into her home life after a year-long solo mission. Ultimately, her experiences in both space and at home will lead to events that change the course of history,” according to TV Line.

    FYI: Halle is wearing an AllSaints dress and Delphine Charlotte parmentier earcuffs.

    25+ pictures inside of Halle Berry at the 2014 Acapulco Film Festival …

    Like Just Jared on Facebook

    Credit: Jesse Grant; Photos: Getty

    Posted to: Halle Berry


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