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Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus will be teaming up for a tour we will never forget. The controversial pair singers are both known for their racy and outrageous performances so we can only imagine what to expect from the duo.

Allen will be bringing her talents to the US to join Cyrus on her Bangerz tour, which began February 14th. The “Sheezus” singer will be touring with Cyrus from August 1st until August 11th covering seven shows. Other acts that have opened up for Cyrus during her Bangerz tour include Icona Pop and Sky Ferreira.

The dream team will be together for shows in Uniondale, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Nashville, Louisville, and St. Louis.

Allen is reportedly a huge Miley Cyrus fan and has repeatedly praised Cyrus in interviews and during live performances.

The “Hard Out Here” singer took to Twitter to express her excitement about the upcoming tour with the “Wrecking Ball” singer.

She wrote: “#BBBBANGERZ @MileyCyrus CANT WAIT !!!!!”

She also added a link to the tour along with the caption: “God help us.”

The Bangerz tour has already been an outrageous display full of money throwing, marijuana printed leotards, Bill Clinton masks, gigantic Big Sean bobble heads and giant hotdogs that double as a ride. If you don’t believe us, take a look at Fuse’s countdown of the best photos from the Bangerz tour so far.

With so many crazy shenanigans already going on with the tour, one can only imagine what will happen when Allen jumps on the project.

Take a look at Allen’s newest music video for “URL Badman” below making fun of those pretentious Internet bloggers and trollers. Wait… should we be offended?


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  • In 2012, underneath a photo taken with Ashton Kutcher, Miranda Lambert tweeted: “He is sweet and lives country music!” Earlier on that year she took the Two and a Half Men actor to task for apparently mocking country music as he presented her with an honor at the Academy of Country Music Awards.


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  • Meet Claire Leeson. The 25-year-old British woman has apparently spent $30,000 to make herself look like Kim Kardashian.

    REUTERS/Gus Ruelas
    Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California March 2, 2014.

    The “cosmetic” Kardashian is from Essex, who spent a fortune on “fixing” her breasts, hair and skin. The Kardashian fan appeared on “This Morning” on Monday, July 14. She talked about the process of her transformation in the ITV chat show. It took her 7 years to resemble like her favourite celebrity.

    She started with whitening her teeth at the age of 17. Then it was time for her to work on her breasts. Kim, who is utterly famous for her massive curves, has set pretty high standards for anyone to follow. She is considered among the top celebrities with biggest natural assets in . She made it clear on record in her controversial sex-tape with Ray J that her assets were completely natural even though some considered them otherwise.

    Leeson opted for cosmetic surgery to get a pair of 32-DD breasts just like her icon. However, she was still missing another Kardashian asset, her phenomenal derriere. The British girl is yet to consider surgery to gain “that” part of Kim. For the time being, she uses “pants with a silicone implant inside.” According to her, under the skin or over, the silicone implants “feel fairly real.” She said that she was planning to use fat from other areas of her body to make a bigger butt.

    Leeson’s breast implant surgery apparently cost $8,500, hair extensions $7,700 and teeth whitening $4,300. She uses spray tans worth $1,700 to make her skin look more like Kim’s. Her nails cost $850, clothes and shoes $5,400 and make-up $1,700. Leeson’s silicone-padded pants cost $850.

    Leeson admitted that she used to be bullied when she was a teenager. The ” Kim Kardashian” look has apparently boosted her self-esteem. She was apparently asked to kill herself as she was the “ugliest thing alive.”

    We found Leeson in her more natural avatar HERE. We do not agree with the bullies. We find her quite attractive in her natural self.

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  • In perhaps our favorite recent news story, Kris Jenner, matriarch and momager of the Kardashian Klan, had her Instagram account hacked. So, what did the sneaky hacker post? Were they a string of well-crafted witty parody posts, which saw ‘Kris’ acknowledge her reputation as a bit of a hard ass who will do anything to make her daughters famous? Errr, sort of, apart from the clever, well-crafted bit.

    Kris Jenner’s Twitter account was hacked into, she has since regained control of the account

    One of the posts read: “So this happened today. Shout out to all my followers. I don’t like Kanye West. I just pretend I do so my daughters can make a profit. I can’t stand Kanye and I hate Karim…that’s French Montana. Anywho the first to #IhateKanye will get a follow.”

    MORE: Kris Jenner wants Kourtney Kardashian to marry

    While Kris clearly didn’t write the tweet, it didn’t stop a few followers trying to get the hashtag off the ground. One Twitter user wrote, “don’t worry kris jenner I hate kanye too hes a self-centred annoying a**hole #ihatekanye”.

    Kris has since regained use of her Instagram account and the messages have been deleted. She’s not the only celebrity that’s had her social media or email account hacked in the past, these other celebs have also had their privacy invaded by internet snoopers.

    Vanessa Hudgens was first hacked back in 2007 when a set of nude photos hit the internet. At the time Hudgens was still a Disney star and had just starred in their hit movie High School Musical. She didn’t learn from the incident and in 2009 more nude photos were stolen from her emails. Notorious celebrity hacker Christopher Chaney turned out to be the culprit.

    Hudgens wasn’t Chaney’s only victim. Both Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba were also hacked. Nude photos of Alba while she was pregnant were leaked while some topless photos of Scarlett Johannson, which she’d taken for then-husband Ryan Reynolds, hit the internet.

    A close second in our favourite ever Twitter hacks was when Selena Gomez’s account was accessed and the hacker posted, “Oh yeh, JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!” Yes, we know hacking is wrong, but anything this funny is surely an exception?

    Miley Cyrus should really be more careful about setting up her security questions in future. One savvy hacker simply searched for some information about the star on the internet and managed to answer her security questions, gaining access to her account. Some racy photos of the star were leaked, but we have a funny feeling she wasn’t all that concerned.

    We doubt Miley was too troubled by the racy photos of her that were leaked

    If anyone would be immune to a bit of hacking you’d think it would be internet brainiac Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently not! The Facebook CEO had his own Facebook account hacked, while the hacker posted a Facebook status. The status was later removed but received over 1,000 “Likes” while it was live. Oh, the irony.

    MORE: Why did Beyonce and Jay Z miss Kimye’s wedding? Kris Jenner didn’t really notice

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  • Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

    Don’t twist Nicki Minaj’s words…

    The “Pills n Potions” rapper took to Twitter this morning to speak her mind regarding the recent allegations that she dissed Iggy Azalea in her BET Awards acceptance speech on Sunday.

    Minaj, who won for Best Female Hip Hop Artist, didn’t mention the “Fancy” singer when she took the stage, but certainly threw shade on females in the business who didn’t write their own material.

    “The media puts words in my mouth all the time and this is no different,” she told fans. “I will always take a stance on women writing b/c I believe in us! I believe we’re smart enough to write down our own thoughts and perspective, just like the men do. I’ve been saying this for 5 YEARS.”

    PHOTOS: See what all the stars wore on the red carpet at the 2014 BET Awards

    The 31-year-old musician added, “I’ve congratulated Iggy on the success of Fancy, publicly. She should be very proud of that. All the women nominated should b proud. That will never change my desire to motivate women to write. Our voices have to be heard. I hope I inspire up & coming females to do that.”

    So what did Minaj say at the awards show that got everyone’s feathers ruffled?

    “I thank god that I’ve been placed in a position to do something and represent women in a culture that is so male-driven,” the outspoken star told the audience.

    “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is, that when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.”

    PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj’s sexiest Instagrams RELATED VIDEOS:

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